Natural and healthy can also contain great flavor, if given care.





With the advancement of the society transforming from a machine mass produced, uniform products, which are the remnants from the end of the industrial revolution.  Turning into a new generation that seeks individuality which focuses on health and happiness.  Purebread was incepted to take on this new focus and bring forth high quality baked goods that hoped to satisfy individuality, health, and flavor.  In addition,  the believe in producing every product as it should be made, reflecting its cultural background, our target aims for customers biting into any Purebread products will bring the client back to that great trip, bring up a wonderful childhood memory, or filling the curiosity of another world.  

We stay true to what bread consists of and the cultural background that it came from.  

自工業革命所要求的量產化及一致性後,新世代把專注轉換成健康及快樂。 Purebread的創始理念深信於此主軸。  希望以能滿足個體性、健康、及味道為前提,為社會帶來更高品質的烘焙成品。 當所有產品的製程按照傳統步驟,Purebread才能讓所有客人體驗到該產品的文化背景。 藉此希望客人能夠回想到那一次的旅行,回憶起小時國外的記憶,或是滿足對外國生活的好奇。



Artisan Bread and Baked goods.  The focus is three parts: Time, quality, culture.  Purebread bread products focus on the development of flavors from using time and quality materials.  In order to achieve  this, the incorporation of wild yeast is vital to the final product.  In general, a 3-day process is necessary to produce our bread.  We also import our own flour to ensure that we have a consistent raw material that is not bleached, not with additives, and fresh.  Lastly, the culture that our bread represents is very important.  If traditionally the bread is crusty or has a chewy bite, Purebread will not make it soft.  If the bread is sour to the taste bud, Purebread cannot make it sweet.  Different bread products demand different care and Purebread cares for each product separately.

藝匠麵包烘培坊,專注於三:時間、品質、文化。 Purebread發展的味道只能用時間及高品質原物料換取。  為達到目的,Purebread麵包產品採用自養野酵母,以及基本上三天的製程時間。 在尋求品質時,Purebread堅持自行接洽國外麵粉廠當起進口商,為了可以運用未漂白、無添加、新鮮的純麵粉。最後,Purebread在文化呈現上堅持不妥協。當傳統要求有嚼勁帶著硬硬的外殼時,客人不會體驗到軟軟的口感。 如果傳統味道是帶酸而天然香,Purebread不會添加糖或香精。不同的麵包需要的照料不同,而Purebread會給每一款屬於自己的呵護。